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It's 'hard to exaggerate' how 'dangerously bad' US President Joe Biden is

31 Aug 2021

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says it is “hard to exaggerate” how dangerously bad US President Joe Biden is.

Mr Bolt said, “the world is at a dangerous tipping point”.

“You’ve got America – leader of the free world in obvious decline.

“You’ve got China, the biggest dictatorship in history, on the rise – wanting to be top dog.

“And now, at this dangerous moment, the US gets a president who’s obviously senile.

“It’s hard to exaggerate just how dangerously bad Joe Biden is”.

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Derrick Smith
Derrick Smith 2 months ago

China are Laughing their ass off.

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 2 months ago

Biden leaving Americans, helicopters and weapons in Afghanistan is an impeachable offense.

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