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Sunday Morning Inspiration: Make Room for Your Blessings & Elevation | Dr. Rick Wallace


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Sunday Morning Inspiration: Make Room for Your Blessings & Elevation

~ How do you reach your full potential
~ Understanding the power of your environment to quench your potential
~ The flea in the jar
~ Take the lid off

We talk often about desires. We make claims about what we are worth and what we deserve. Unfortunately, we have a proclivity to hold on to things that no longer serve us or even work against us. When you are expectinng to receive something, you have to make room for you desire to receive.

Some things that you are holding on to have run their course in your life and it is time to let go and level up. Other things and people were never good for us but we used them as placeholders for what we really desired. Unfortunately, placeholders tend to take up the space that is necessary to receive something better.
We have to do a better job of preparing for something better by consistently clearning house.

It is time for you to make room for your blessing.

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