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I Want to Be African American

Shala Yisrael
Published on 10 Aug 2018 / In Comedy

I'd like to transform from a white guy to an African American. Ideas welcome- especially if I missed any facts or made invalid cultural generalizations. No offense to white people, Asians, Hispanics, Latinos or recent immigrants. I just don't know your culture well enough. But I like the faith, music, look, community and comedy of African Americans and, if you'll have me... and I recognize this won't be easy, I'd like to become one of you.

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Eyes2see1 2 months ago

He's too dumb to be one of us, wouldn't survive a week, but he'll get to see how it really is after 2019 to be in constant survival mode because the plaques will be at full force I believe. Enjoy your sarcasm for a little while.

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Fedora 2 months ago

· _ ·

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G News
G News 2 months ago

That's some bull he used every dog whistle and that statement that he could. Do you know where the term picnic came from? White supremacist it was called originally pick a nigger

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Marcus W
Marcus W 2 months ago

Here's a better request.. He should put a gun in his mouth or up against his chin and pull the fucking trigger. He'll have a better chance in joining the struggle in his next life. He's gonna miss that privilege of his, though.

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22429681 2 months ago

(LitaMichelle) We don't want your pale ass, Stay in your Cave!!!

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