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standing while black and brown.mp4

11 Nov 2019

now below i'll give you the police depts response which basically is saying fuck you wetback and fuck you too nigger
From a general review of the video , it does not appear there is any violation of policy or law. However the video is insufficient in drawing a conclusion sgt Tess Deterding
If these individuals feel the situation was not handled appropriately by the sheriffs dept office personnel, we encourage them to contact us so we may gather further information. sgt . tess deterling
again thats saying fuck you wetback and you too nigger.
But as usual the negro being in the army or whatever , even after this says they both respect law enforcement .
Duh "hey nigga, they handcuffed you and your neighbor , embarrassed you in front of your neighbors, in a community you live in thats gated, while you're standing outside talking, yet they told you you both were lying because the mf who ran your names couldn't fucking spell, and thats ok? I wonder if because of that false alarm by the guys daughter, had she or perhaps black or brown teens been out there and they rode up and started beating the shit out of them, or for that matter you 2 if you balked at being handcuffed for nothing , would your dumbass fell that way. why don't you just say i 4give them . gmab you both probably make more than this cop mf, and yet he wanted to make you 2 feel less than his underpaid ass, and then his dept told you if you don't like it find some more evidence or fuck you

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Fuck The Police...Fuck Your Flag And Fuck This Nigger Hating Stolen Country.

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