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The Mysterious Nigerian Men Who Tame Wild Beasts

31 Oct 2019

Hyena Boys: The incredible Nigerian nomads who are able to tame wild hyenas - wild animals not known for their gentleness. Subscribe to Journeyman for daily uploads:

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Meet Nigeria's hyena boys, fearless nomadic traders working in a family business like no other. The animal handlers tame wild hyenas from a young age and have an entourage of snakes and baboons in football kits.

"I have been doing this since I was five", says a wiry man crouching next to his hyena. "Since the animal was little, I've been feeding him, giving him meat and medicine." Now the beast is tame enough to be tethered, paraded and wrestled with in public. But the hyena boys must also be tamed, fed strange medicines from infancy, and plied with snakes to be integrated into the community fuelled by the belief that they are spiritually connected to the animals.

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but when you watch animal planet , all you see is a bunch of white mfs with guns or having the animals caged as though they were the only mfs capable of taming these animals. I've said this b4. you think black people being in africa for the last million yrs never learned how to tame these animals, or the little kids didn't bring one home by mistake ? that fake ass tarzan shit can kiss my ass

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Magenta 9 months ago

Impressive, and fascinating.

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