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Bedwench Mother Leaves Black Toddler With Her White Boyfriend: Zachary Collins

14 Oct 2019

White boy kills black child of a swirler

The child of a black man

Violently Abused Tulsa Baby dies

White boyfriend kills black toddler

White boyfriend black girlfriend

Tulsa Oklahoma

Negro Bedwench Fails

Fathers of black Children

Black Toddlers

Black babies

"White Babysitter throws Black toddler into a Wall"

Black Baby dies

Child abuse by white boyfriend


Tusla baby

Tulsa child dies after abuse

"When swirling goes wrong"

Swirling black women

Swirl dating

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Zengreen7 8 months ago

Beware of WM with dred loks.

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BConscience 8 months ago

2 answer Ur question @0:59 He's a Saltine, who had NO LOVE 4 another man's child. Well, Ur now freed up 2 hop on another Yt man's "Manhood" in the hope's that he'll take care of U through his baby.

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