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Police Brutality At IHOP In Cobb County, GA 04/01/2019 Father/Black Businessman Brutally Arrested

04 Apr 2019

Video obtained from Peoples Power Assembly and Struggle - La Lucha comrade Lizz Toledo of Atlanta. More information and updates from the family and organizations working alongside them will be updated soon.

Boycott IHOP! Black Lives Matter! Abolish the racist police!

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LeeMay 11 months ago

Skin color is the only reason these racist cops need. We need to stop patronizing these white establishments. Stay at home prepare your own meals. Who knows what they are putting in your food, once they see who they are serving. Patronize your own. BUY BLACK KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY: We need to completely deprogram ourselves from this mental slavery and support our brother and sisters in ALL of their business endeavors.

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