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PART 1:The Black Agenda ROUND TABLE : Tavis Smiley Show Ft. Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson And More!

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Host Tavis Smiley leads a discussion between African American scholars, opinion makers, analysts and elected officials, in the landmark gathering in Chicago for the special presentation of We Count: The Black Agenda is the American Agenda.

Guests include: Dr. Wayne D. Watson- President, Chicago State University; Father Michael Phleger - St. Sabina Faith Community; Evangelist Joyce Smiley; Dr. Michael Eric Dyson-Author & Professor, Georgetown University; Dr. Cornel West- Author & Professor, Princeton University;Angela Glover Blackwell-Founder and Chief Executive Officer; Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr.-President & Founder, Rainbow/ PUSH Coalition; Michael Fauntroy- Professor, George Mason University; Dr. Julianne Malveaux- President of Bennett College for Women; Dorothy Wright Tillman- Former Alderman, City of Chicago; Dr. Ronald Walters- Political Analyst and Professor Emiritus, University of Maryland; Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan- Leader of The Nation of Islam; Tom Burrell- Author, Founder and former CEO of Burrell Communications; Raven Curling- Student Government President, Chicago State University.


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BConscience 3 months ago

How can I take U seriously, when U can't even come up with a Round table. 4fuqsakes!

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Thank You!!!

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