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How The "State" Of Israel Was Born.

Joel da Silva
Joel da Silva
14 Apr 2019

Isaiah 14:1 says THH will place us back in our land not Boeing 757s, And thereafter there will be no more wars. ZIONIST CONVERTS TO JUDAISM AND THE KABBALAH, ...NOT THE BIBLE. khazars from Poland and eastern Europe. FIT NO CURSES IN DUETRONOMY 28.!
(Revelations 2:9/ Revelations 3:9)
The State of Israel Was Created Through The Balfour Declaration At The End Of The British Mandate!

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BConscience 1 year ago

instead of HOW. As WHY. Hint: oil.

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LeeMay 1 year ago

LIES, they are not real jews. The real jews should be afforded reparations and land of their own.

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