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World's first MONKEY-HUMAN HYBRID grown in Chinese Laboratory | August 2019 NEWS

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Niyas713 4 months ago

i think im going to be sick

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sly35965 4 months ago

"Greetings, The Pink Neanderthal Devils Knew About Their Extinction Hundreds Of Decades Ago, But They Refused To Become Civilized And Synchronous With Life - Previously, They Were Saved/Spared The First Extinction By Modern Humans From Africa - However, During The Course Of Past Histories(his stories)The Neanderthals Were Too Unstable And Too Barbaric Toward Life. Presently...At The Latter Part Of Their Extinction, Extreme Wicked Measures Had Been Practiced So That They Could Maintain Their Existence Within This Dimensional Realm - The Creator/Universe Can't Allow Them A Second Chance To Continue Disrupting The Flow/Order Of Life Share...Thanks."

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Supermike Fard
Supermike Fard 4 months ago

I its not the first. this is how these mutated devil aryans got neanderthal genes. this has all happened before

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