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Ukraine: Far-right Azov Battalion hold parade on 5th anniv. of Mariupol ‘victory’ (WAKE UP BLACK FOL

03 Oct 2019

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Members of the far-right Azov Battalion marched alongside border guards, police officers and cadets in Mariupol in eastern Ukraine on Saturday, as part of a military parade celebrating the fifth anniversary of the 'liberation' of Mariupol from anti-government forces, the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR).

Ukrainian MP and Commander of the Azov Battalion addressed crowds who had gathered to watch the parade.

"I believe that the day will come when this beautiful holiday, the day of Mariupol's liberation, will become a thing of the past. Because there will be a much more important day, because there will be a bigger day, there will not be a day for the liberation of Mariupol, but there will be a date for the release of the Ukrainian Donbass," he said.

On June 13, 2014, the Azov Battalion played a key role in re-taking control of the city from anti-government forces.

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