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Why white supremacist fear people of color

Afro Word
Afro Word
10 Feb 2020

If Trump is reelected, there will be a cry heard as high as the heavens as a result of the same fear that has been pounded into millions of hearts. Here comes fight or flight. Not everyone is going to take flight; instead, millions are going to choose to fight; thus, blood in the streets is inevitable whether he wins or not. Those millions of people opposed to his leadership will know beyond a doubt that they have been played; the electorate is against them; and they will know it is all rigged for real.

Afromerica has declared war on white supremacy with Black Liberation. Liberation Theology is a strategy and a form of thinking that transforms the mind from misinformation driven into the minds of Black Americans from their birth, to a mind able to discern reality from Euro-American fantasy and from underneath the strong holds of white supremacy.

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della2 2 months ago

Facebook will not let this video be played it's too true

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 2 months ago

Blacks having businesses seems to piss them off the most. Like, "how dare you try to feed yourself without my white presence".

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