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22 Yr Old Black Woman Born Without Arms Is An Amazing Inspiration

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
26 Nov 2019

A 22 year old black woman who was born without arms, has learned to adapt to a world that full of wickedness and evil. She should truly be an inspiration to us all who complain about mediocre problems, compared to what this woman has to go through each and everyday to survive.

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Magenta 1 year ago

I feel for her. As she says, life is not easy, and even less so for people like her, who can't do the things that full bodied people take for granted.

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sly35965 1 year ago

"Greetings, The Lifeforms' Tentacles Are The Creator's Ultimate Expression Of Simplicity At Manipulating Ones' Surroundings. If One Tentacle Was Removed/Damaged, The Others Would Compensate For The Lost/Wounded Share...Thanks."(Great Video)

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1 year ago

Unbelievable! Now datz sum real Black Girl Magic!

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