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01 Apr 2021

America is the land of opportunity. So we are told. In America, anyone can become successful, or a millionaire. All of this thanks to the American Bill of Rights that guarantees US citizens “liberty” and the American Declaration of Independence that states “All men are created equal”.

Based upon these fundamental rights of liberty and equality, American culture has created this concept of the 'American Dream'. The American dream entails that there is opportunity for all, regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.

Based upon this fantastic concept, many Americans defend their country at all cost and tell you they live in the greatest country in the world. And there are plenty of 'from rags to riches' and 'from zero to hero' stories that are often referred to in the media, to 'prove' that indeed anyone could become a millionaire, only in a America.

The truth is that the American system is designed in a way that favors the privileged. Those Americans who are already relatively wealthy, have high paying jobs and studied at prestigious universities, transfer their wealth to their children. The result is that from generation to generation, the rich stay stay rich and the poor stay poor. It's a never ending cycle that only allows for little exceptions.

America doesn't provide equal opportunity for all, it provides better opportunities for those who already are in a favorable position, and less opportunity for those who need it the most. Liberty and equality leading to opportunities for every American, unfortunately, it's nonsense...

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