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Hellzapoppin' in full color | Colorized with DeOldify

Red Autumn Butterfly
Red Autumn Butterfly
25 Jul 2021

The Lindy Hop scene in Hellzapoppin' (1941).
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Video source:
Hellzapoppin' - rephrased, in 1080p by Andy Lewis

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Musicians, according to Yehoodi (http://www.yehoodi.com/blog/20....18/7/23/seven-things )
Slim Gaillard - piano, guitar
Slam Stewart - bass
Rex Stewart - cornet
Elmer Fane - clarinet
Jap Jones - trombone
C.P. Jonstone - drums

There were different names on the initially published video. New credits updated to closed captions.

This video is colorized with DeOldify. Karri Rasinmäki from our team processed Andy Lewis edit of Helzzapoppin' through the colorization tool.

DeOldify is an open-source, Deep Learning based project to colorize and restore old images and film footage. DeOldify uses AI neural networks trained with thousands of reference pictures.

Swing dancing in Helsinki
Black Pepper Swing

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