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14 Apr 2021


"⁣The truth about vaccine passports. Social credit score via the back door by Paul Joseph Watson
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/P....risonPlanetLive/vide
COVID-19 PASSPORT: They will use the Covid-19 passports as the backdoor for a full roll-out of the Chinese Social Credit System worldwide. When the authorities then activates the biometric nanotechnology inside the Covid-19 vaccines they will have full control over all those that took the shot. That is why the Covid-19 vaccine is called the Mark of the Beast in the bible. Because you give your control over your own mind, soul and body to the worldwide governing authorities. The one who controls and governs the whole world is Satan according to the scriptures. So you are in reality giving yourself over to Satan for him to control you 100 percent if you take the Covid-19 shot. It is really WAKE UP time!"

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