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White team coach with racist jerseys asked league for refund after team gets suspended

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
15 Jun 2020

White male coach of a high school recreational basketball team was unapologetic and asked for a refund after his team was removed from the league for wearing jerseys marked with racial slurs and sexual terms.

The request for a refund was made in an email from Coach Walt Gill to Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League head Ben Goodyear.

On Sunday afternoon, Goodyear made the decision to stop the game between the Kings team and a team from West Clermont. A game monitor emailed him about the Kings' team jerseys marked with "Wet Dream Team." Some of the players had offensive and racist terms on their jerseys such as "Knee Grow", "Coon" and "Cum Slayer." Goodyear told the officials to end the game immediately.

"Absolutely. No hesitation," Goodyear said of the decision.

To make matters worse, Goodyear said Gill had asked a league coordinator about using "Wet Dream Team" on the jerseys before the season started. The coordinator told Gill he could not use the name. Goodyear said an email was sent to coaches and players in December outlining the league's policies for having fun at the games.

"These kids, they were given an opportunity, they were told not to do it and they did it anyway," Goodyear said. "It's very offensive. Especially today, In today's America with #MeToo, how do you think that could be appropriate? 20 years ago how could that be appropriate?"

Goodyear said an email was sent to coaches and players in December outlining the league's policies for having fun at the games. On Sunday, Walt Gill wrote an email to Goodyear.

"I don't understand why [we] don't get a chance to rectify this issue. We've played 3 games already and no one has said anything to us. As for the names on the jerseys. These are variations of their last names...I really don't feel that this was handled correctly. With that, I am going to ask that 65% of the money we spent be returned to my team and their parents," Gill wrote.

Goodyear responded that he could discuss the refund with his league coordinator.

"I responded that these names are racist they're not variations of anyone's name on your team," said Goodyear.

Kings school board member Kerry McKiernan resigned from the board Tuesday night because his son was on the team and he told board members that he should have done something. Goodyear said he wonders why no one else said anything - including others parents of the Kings players.

"If there was one person there that was an adult, they should have said something. That's why we're investigating all of our officials because they're adults and they should have stood up to this," Goodyear said.

Goodyear said he's received many supportive emails from people but he's also received a lot of hate email. Several teams from Kings remain in the league.

Local 12 News tried to reach Walt Gill Thursday night but was told he was not home. A coach from Milford confronted Gill about the jerseys at a game in December.

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