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Colourism in White Community

Aj Gold
Published on 13 Mar 2018 / In Education

If you watch this video you will see the insidious colourism in white community. If people of colour did not exist, they would still inherently find a reason to discriminate towards dark people; it would have been more prominent towards white dark people.

It is obviously a problem that they treat the fairer with more respect, not because of better skin, but because of insecurity. If you treat what is the whitest imitation more loved, it tells society that placing the whitest person on top of darker people is acceptable.

So therefore when a blonde is rejected or replaced for a darker person, it suggests preferring 'darker over whiter', or that blonde is not the most precious or desirable (even if it compared to a dark white person)

It is deep, but I broke it down in the video to see innuendos.

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Aj Gold
Aj Gold 9 months ago

Respect all your opinion. One love.

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22429681 9 months ago

(Lita Michelle) White People most definitely have Colourism issues within their own. Most of them complain about being pasty white,dying to go get a tan,and buying Melanin Shots and pills,but they call us darkies,and blonde hair isn't beautiful,I think red and blonde hair are the most weirdest and ugliest color of hair in the world,these people will spend 1000's of dollars to change the color of their hair and skin,and they have passed on their sickness to a lot of Black People who have Colourism issues

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darth_deucidius 9 months ago

At first I wondered if this was some kind of joke or something. LOL! But as i watched the video I realized white people hadn't spent the past 500 years coming up with negative memes for different coloring of whiteness like they have for every one else.
I sometimes listen to a local radio station, which features a blonde haired white woman, who has two bi-racial daughters. One day she made the comment to the effect that we could eliminate racism by having more bi-racial children. I nearly blew a fuse. This bitch actually believed that racism is like some two sided coin that we all participate in equally. This video shows, tho ever so subtly, that its in their nature, and they have managed to poison the entire world with that shit. The sooner these pale pink demons slink into oblivion, or at the very least, the underground caves from which they were cloned or hybridized, the better.

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