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Man goes on racist and sexist tirade on Metro Vancouver bus.mp4

09 Sep 2019

Now just this morning I was talking about the different ways white people label crimes they commit as to crimes we commit . Especially when it comes to hate crimes. Now with all the shit this bastard said and still continued to do after he left this bus, the only thing I see is "they are charging him with a crime" no mention of a hate crime. This goes in to my observed theory of how the white man makes laws supposedly to right injustices perpetrated against people in the minority, but seemingly the only people who are charged with hate crimes are the minorities, and whites are charged with less serious crimes even though they do shit that is racially motivated. This is why i say to black people. TO think you are going to get justice in a white mans system of law when they do things against us, you are fooling yourself. STREET JUSTICE AND VIOLENCE IS THE ONLY THING THE WHITE MAN RESPECTS

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 11 months ago

I learn what you talking about first hand when I sued a Black man. It went easy peezy. Soon as I sued a white man shit got hard as fuck...Lawyers be quittin'....Judges will say things you never heard before like, "that was a long time ago"'...and whatever it is you said they did...they didn't. CASE DISMISSED.

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