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Proof Heliocentric Theory was Satanic Sun Worship Reverse Engineered "Science"

LionnessontheRise Lioness144

The Image on the Thumbnail is on the Title Page of Galileo's Book defending A Sun Centered world. The image, minus the fish, is the Mark of the Beast; 3 sixes form into 'the eye". He was an Open Soothsayer and Astrologer. As one of the Son's of "the light" (Lucifer) he merely put forth a mathematical THEORY that his father Lucifer was the center of everything. Ever thought about how the supposed "tilt" of the earth has a triangular complement of 66.6 degrees?
Nasa and their "Science" is based on Satanism/ Luciferianism with fake photos and reasoning from conclusions to brainwashed kindergarteners. Look in the sky, it's moving, you are not! Pray more and your eyes will open. Sin and you will die and suffer forever. Think about it, is it worth it?

"Speed of the globe's orbit : 66.600 mph"

"Curvature in One mile squared : .666 feet"

"The Earth is on a 66.6 degree tilt."

"Africa is 66.6 degrees high from its Westernmost point in Dakar to the Easternmost projection of Somalia."

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