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Asian dude bites the head off of a Rat and Eats it like he do this all the time

David Muhammad
David Muhammad
09 Jul 2019

This is beyond nasty! You throw this man in a dump 2 hours later he would be 20 lbs heavier from eating trash. Who orders chicken from these Chinese joints? I know in the hood where it is less regulated and dirtier I am positive these people are feeding our Black people road kill, dogs, cats, rats....

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Cheesy 12 months ago

NASTY! And these will be the people that will have the nerve to tell you that they are smarter, cleaner and more civilized than blacks. Fuck these literal vermin filled savages.

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David Muhammad
David Muhammad 12 months ago

The fact is, THEY ARE NOT SMARTER AT ALL! I have recently came across a report on how often these people cheat and that making them look smarter is actually away for white supremacist to promote them while undermining Black Americans. What is it about us at which the AmeriKKKLAN government want to keep secret from us. We got to be real special...

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