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The Easiest Way to Mine Bitcoin - Coinmine One Review

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There are a lot of Pros and cons to the Coinmine One. It only took me 10 minutes to unbox and set up the app on my phone; I was mining Bitcoin within moments! The Coinmine One also lets you mine Ethereum (ETH), GRIN, Monero (XMR), and Z Cash (ZEC). Although I was skeptical at first because the hash rate vs power consumption didn’t seem to be of value.

However, I found the pros far outweigh the cons:
1. The design is very easy on the eyes. Most mining rigs are an eye sore. The Coinmine One fits right into my home office, sitting next to my $3k iMac. It looks good, and it is only as noisy as a Playstation (or Xbox, Nineteno, etc.)
2. The MineOS is extremely valuable because it will constantly be updated. In addition, it has a feature called Bitcoin mode: this allows the system to mine whichever coin is the fastest and most efficient for the GPU, and automatically convert it into Bitcoin for the miners convenience.
3. While ASIC miners may be more efficient, they are expensive to get started, and the technology is constantly upgrading, leaving your rigs in the dust. GPU miners are able to update, and keep up without needing to update the hardware as often.
4. The price tag is nearly a third as much as ASIC miners! Plus, with the company discount and Committed3d’s referral code, you can get $150 off the retail price, making it only $649. App (referral link for $50 reward): Ruby Red Review: In-depth Review:

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