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LA Sheriff Deputy Samuel Aldama confessing ill feelings towards Black People

David Muhammad
David Muhammad
15 Jul 2019

This is LA Sheriff Deputy #SamuelAldama. He MURDERED an unarmed black man, beat another in 2016, and is part of a #GANG of #Compton deputies who all have the same calf tattoo. LA County Sheriff is complicit because he's still employed and uncharged. Y'all still believe in a POC team up?

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commonman80 4 months ago

Yet? The Democrats Want To Let More Of These Sellouts Into America Just To Get Votes.. They Don't Really Give A Damn About Our People.. It's All About The Power To The Current Democrats.. This Guy Should Be BOOTED Not Only Out Of The Sheriff's Department.. But Also Out Of This Country.. Incredible.. The Answer To The Question Didn't Need "Thought".. It's A Yes Or No Answer.. Again? Incredible.. Yep...

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David Muhammad
David Muhammad 4 months ago

People like this should be hunted down and taken out completely, white supremacist gives this devil power

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P D G A F 4 months ago

His PAUSING speaks VOLUMES! I've been doing a little digging, and I think were witnessing the aftermath of Latinos being allowed to create their own C.R.A.S.H. 2.0 - (like the C.R.A.S.H. unit from the 70's that was disbanded in 2000 due to the Rampart Scandal) only NOW they've enlisted a MUCH larger portion of the L.A. County police department to participate.................I WILL be doing a post on this tomorrow. Thanks for the alley-oop footage brother Muhammad. You've got a shout out coming on this one. Stay up.


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