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Turning Points in Black History The Battle of Cannae 216 BC.mp4

08 Jul 2019

black history

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commonman80 11 months ago

It Appears To Me After Analyzing This History? The Humanity Of The African People Were Their Downfall.. Then And Now.. The Superior Military/ARMY? (The Africans) CLEARY Were The Victors.. However? Instead Of Finishing Off Their Enemy? They Showed Mercy And Restraint.. Which Was Their Downfall...

This Behavior In Our People Has Repeated Itself For Centuries.. Which Is What Scares Me About What's Happening In South Africa.. The True South African People ARE NOT FINISHING OFF THEIR ENEMY.. They Are Allowing Them To Regroup And Plan New Lines Of Attacks Against The True South African People... NOT GOOD...

The Same Can ALSO BE SAID About Our People Here In America.. We CLEARLY WERE VICTORS IN THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENTS.. Our Victory Presented Itself During The 1970's Up Until The Mid 1980's.. However? We Never Forced White America To Give Us EVERYTHING WE FOUGHT FOR During The Civil Rights Movement..

So? They Started Taking Back What We Had Gained.. We Began To Sympathize And Empathize With Our Oppressors Here In America.. Instead Of Forcing Them To Give Us EVERYTHING WE FOUGHT FOR While Our People Had The Upper Hand.. Which Means?

If We As A People Are Going To FOREVER CONTROL OUR OWN DESTINY? We As A People GLOBALLY Are Going To Have To "FINISH WHAT WE START".. Without (1) Mercy. (2) Sympathy (3) Restraint (4) Mercy Or, (5) Empathy... Because This Is TRULY What The Bible Meant When It States. "The Meek Will Inherit The Earth."..

That Parible Means? The Meek Will End Up With NOTHING BUT DIRT? Or Buried In The Ground.. Our People Have Been Fooled To Believe It Has A Totally Different Meaning.. Incredible... Jus Saying.. Yep...

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11 months ago

Like always Fam SPOT ON!

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Niyas713 11 months ago

I'm glad you enjoyed this history and have taken something from it it's important people learn from history rather than just view it as entertainment and what you said about the indoctrination that Christianity does to convince people oppression is a good thing is one reason I never felt comfortable with it in Islam we were always that not only was oppression wrong but it was a moral imperative to struggle against it

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11 months ago


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