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Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal
27 Jun 2020


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Trappers Anonymous: https://bit.ly/TrapperAnonFB
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From The Trap To Wallstreet

From The Trap To Wallstreet is not only a brand but a movement dedicated to empowering & improving the financial state of Urban American. The foundation of this movement is to highlight the power of the black dollar & Transition it from being used to make other races and nationalities wealthy, to allowing it to now be our most powerful tool in building wealth for ourselves & generations that follow.

This movement specifically caters to us, those that are driven to better their financial state by means of investing in company stocks & bonds. For too long has the knowledge of wealth & how to attain it not been crafted in a language where those of our culture could comprehend it. Those days are gone & From The Trap To Wallstreet pioneers this journey for all.

The opening phrase “From The Trap”, is a mixture of two aspects. 1, the Trap being a state or condition of a people being financially trapped, unable to find the path to financial freedom no matter how many jobs or side hustles worked. 2, The term “Trap”, is known to describe a place that encourages our men and women to engage in illegal activities that ultimately devoured them, causing them to be funneled in a justice system that stripped them of everything financially, emotionally, & mentally creating a trapped mindset.

The ending phrase “To Wallstreet” simply identifies with the destination being a place or state where wealth is the norm. As when you’re from the “Trap” culture you view Wallstreet as a place where a bunch of rich & wealthy folks get richer and live better lives. So coming “From The Trap “ & ending up on “Wallstreet“ would be a definite escaping of the Trap & evolving into new surroundings, a new mindset & a new lifestyle.

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