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Agent 007 is now a BLACK WOMAN! But is this a good thing?

My Tribe T.V
My Tribe T.V
16 Jul 2019

Black reads the latest headline of actress Lashana Lynch cast as Agent 007 in the upcoming Bond 25 movie. The headline is exciting, but after reading the details, is it really something to be excited about? Will James Bond respect her spy skills? Or will her skills be ignored and seen just as another sex object? ...or is this just a quick cash grab to get black women into the theatres? What happened to Daniel Craig? Let's read the details and see what's really going on...

If you already read the article, just skip to 5:00 to read my perspective on this headline.

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blackme 12 months ago

nope, imma swerve dis shit

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BConscience 12 months ago

U gotta B shitty me. FUCK THIS SHIT, I'M OUT.

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Niyas713 12 months ago

no this shit is shit

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Cheesy 12 months ago

Boycott Hollywierd! Fuck this swirling nonsense! We cam make better movies.

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Kimathi100 12 months ago

Bro, this is just another Attempt by the Racist CraKKKa Movie industry and their Media to Promote SWIRLING! ‘NEGRESS ‘ and ‘CAUCASOID!’ She knows what she is doing and what the AGENDA is! This INTERRACIAL Shit is being PUSHED hard!! These MAMMIES are Lining up to ‘PLAY’ these parts, the WHITE bwoy is gonna ‘Fxxx her in this CONTRIVED Movie! because THAT is the whole PREMISE of this FILM!

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