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when you immigrants forget who you are. fools.mp4

09 Jan 2020

when you immigrants don't listen to us who live the lie called amerika. you get what you deserve. you know I really wanted to put this is the gaming section, because those dumbass fools who went on camera the other day that "think " they are iranian amerikans , got played

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 9 months ago

Black immigrants should've woke the hell up after they denied a cash settlement to Botham Jean's family. Turns out huggin' the judge and murderer of your brother cost them in more ways than one.

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lazmor 9 months ago

As you hear me say all the time brother. fuck a mf from another country. and double fuck a black mf that comes here and thinks they are above a black person here. when it is only because of us they'r black asses were allowed on the plane hereor the upper decks of the ships. But now all those white ass muslims and arabs who love their white as christians, can feel what their tricking does for their stupid asses

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