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WTF, Did i just Watch? - Flight Attendant in Overhead Compartment!

Joel da Silva
Joel da Silva
31 Jul 2019

This flight attendant would rather be taking a nap than passing out snacks. A passenger at Nashville International Airport in Tennessee was left speechless when she saw the Southwest Airlines flight attendant sprawled out in the plane’s overhead bin. Photos shared to Twitter even appear to show the bizarre moment the woman spoke to flyers from up on her perch. Eventually, she climbed back down to get back to work — but not before catching the attention of her employer, which reached out to the Twitter user who posted about it to learn more. You could say her job is just like the planes she works on — up in the air.

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Tellthetruth1983 4 months ago

Not surprising I work with those types everyday

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 4 months ago

The pilot's wife showed up..

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Cheesy 4 months ago


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Joel da Silva
Joel da Silva 4 months ago

Yep..caucasoids going crazy!

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