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and you wonder why we want them all dead.mp4

14 Nov 2019

when you see this you'll know why these mfs like this need to be followed and killed. suing these mfs does nothing. and after all the mistreatment of these 2 kids , one with no limbs. these mfs arrested them . I guess we're dangerous even if we have no arms and legs. And guess what . Now they are investigating themselves after this video was released from 2 mos ago. Other than that it was fuck those black kids as usual. And some of you still think that killing these type mfs and their families is wrong ? But you make the call

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Magenta 10 months ago

According to the CDC, white men over the age of 35 make up 17-18% of the US population. White people are very angry. Most black people are unaware of this statistic, and even if they are made aware, they are completely oblivious to the impact this has on their lives. Black people are determined to leave themselves exposed to attack, so they will just have to live with the consequences of their inaction.

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lazmor 10 months ago

they still have that , "dem white folk gone get you " mentality when it comes to those crackers, but "i'll bust a cap in yoe ass nigga" when it comes to black people

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10 months ago




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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 10 months ago

This is getting too crazy. They are starting to let more of these cops off left and right, because soon the insurance companies won't be able to pay the families, with all the natural disasters and pending civil lawsuits these race soldiers are causing.

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