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Disney Land In Africa Homemade Carnival Ride Falls Apart

Sweet Melanin
Sweet Melanin
18 Jul 2018

Disney Land In Africa

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 2 years ago

This only proves Black ppl. are tough as bricks...Even the 2 year old got off the ground laughin'. If this was white ppl.? CALL 911!!!!

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Shaka38 2 years ago

Whew! I was expecting so much worse based on the title. Someone had the ingenuity to make a homemade carousel/elevated Merry-Go_Round, which is pretty good, but probably doesn't have access to Grade 8 hardware and it wasn't bolted deeply enough into a solid base to prevent the tip over from the weight that it was trying to support, especially while it was in rotation.
Hopefully, no one was injured in any way. It wasn't very high off of the ground and none of the welds gave way either.

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