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The Brain of A Negro compared with that of the European(i)

The African Renaissance Channel

It is often said that Negroes are less intelligent or are intellectually inferior and incapable of civilization. This was a popular narrative of the Europeans during the slave trade. It is also said that the Negroes are closer to Apes and monkeys than they are to Europeans and the rest of humanity. However, research showed that Negroes were and are as intelligent as any other race and capable of civilization. This video examines the brain of a Negro compared with that of an European and an Orang Outang.
The video also examines the so called Darwin’s theory of evolution and how what he wrote differs from what is being presented today.

Useful Links:
The research on the Brain of a Negro compared with that of an European and the Orang-Outang https://www.jstor.org/stable/1....08042?seq=1#page_sca




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