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More Hate Towards Emmett Till.avi

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Mafred 1 year ago

100% correct, these guys need to get got!!!

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CitizenV 1 year ago

100% in agreement with you. Some of us need to wake up and recognize the full extent of the evil that is directed our way. And, by the way, I hope our ppl will stop giving these demonic cave dwellers cute nicknames. F*** the slick, rhyming moniker. That offender's government name needs to be out there. In the event that we come across them in daily life, we'll know who and what we're dealing with!

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LadySJO 1 year ago

The shooter in El Paso was 21 and the one in Dayton 25. These animals all under 25. These young racists are worse than their parents as they hide in plain sight. Expect the attacks to become more prevalent as this American economy goes down the drain.

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1 year ago

When evilness reaches a new high! Let Emmett Till rest in peace!

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Rcs7 1 year ago

I totally agree & I also have to keep a distance. I never know when a "dagger" coming.

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