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Black Business Owner Detained by SD Sheriffs After Customer Uses Racial Slurs & Makes False Repo

02 Sep 2019

Video Submitted & Requested to Upload
"So, a racist client calls me a n****r at work and gets kicked out of my office, then he calls 911 and tells them I assaulted him with a stun gun. (spoiler: I didn't!) In the first few minutes, deputies learn that there was no crime, but they left me in handcuffs anyway - just because they could. I should not have invited law enforcement into my office, but rather spoken with them at the door more than an arms length away. I messed up big-time and lost some of my due process rights, specifically inviting deputies into my office allowed them to handcuff me legally." #BlackAtWork

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Don't they now have a law in that very state that if a CracKKKa calls 911 falsely they cant be sued and have to pay the victim $2500?

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SudanMaat 5 months ago

Dis shit iz irritating az fuck!

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