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A Storm's A-brewin! "The Tempest" by Byron Searle

LionnessontheRise Lioness144

Sharing Byron's new word, "The Tempest" and giving some input as well.


- July 01, 2020 Received 06/30/2020 by Byron Searle

"God’s Word is like that for believers. We live in a stormy world. Waves of financial despair, emotional upheaval, relationship issues and personal failures threaten to capsize us and pull us under.
Yet if we keep our eyes fixed on God’s Word, we can stay above the fray. If we allow its words to resonate above the cacophony of doubt, worry, conflict and uncertainty that nag at us every day, we can enjoy an extraordinary walk with Jesus."
Read the complete story in Matthew 14:22-32.

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