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Going Off Code. Infighting in front of the enemy and how to politely shut it down.

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
02 Sep 2018

This video is an example Black people who live under direct white supremacy has. TALKING about issues in front of the enemy if not in front of any outsiders. This has been a problem as long as we can remember. Whether you are South African, Black british and African american. Some feel the need to shout out our internal problems in front of the world or worse tell the enemy certain things only Black people would know in order to RIDICULE another Black person. This slavery/colonial nonsense needs to be dropped. Here is a prime example of a talking point that the devil has used against our people in South Africa. They argue that the land does not belong to the people because historically most of the people of south Africa are not native to the area. Only the khosians are and they repeat this infighting babble because some of us can't SHUT UP in front of the enemy: A member of the audience at a debate tells Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema that the Khoisan are the only legitimate voice to talk about land in SA. Malema tells her his reply when he took on Clem Sunter, one of the invaders most prominent authors and scenario planners, in a two-round debate organised by the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Cape Sun on Friday, February 12.

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