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(Original) Black Man Defends Black Woman in Front of Police

21 Mar 2018

On a random Thursday night, in Richmond, CA, I saw a black woman in distress with Officer Odegaard of the Richmond Police Department in California. We first sought for him to let her go before the tow truck arrived and he refused. Once the tow truck arrived and he continued to tow the car, the video picks up here...

Backstory found here:

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 2 years ago

Those savage beasts don't give a dam about their own, so he is talking to deaf ears. Do you know how many of these so-called KKKcops murder their own families? Many. So talking to them about logic, empathy or conscience is a total waste of time. As long as they have that gun in their holster, they feel empowered and privileged to be pasty pale Caucasoids. So black people need to stop begging these heathens to be fair or care about them, because it ain't ever gonna happen. I commend the brother for being there, so those slave patrol cops wouldn't physically hurt the sister, but the bottom line is, the only thing these heathen beasts are programmed to understand, as they have demonstrated time and time again, is going upside their freakin' head!

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CanadaRacingJoy 2 years ago

Well said.

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