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I don't call women or mother's bitches unless they deserve it. this one does.mp4

29 Oct 2019

justice was served on this bastard.

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BConscience 9 months ago

TFOHWTS Son rapes a female 2 the point that she dies of her injuries. And his mother DON'T C the Justice?
Boy's LUCKY he made it 2 prison.

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lazmor 9 months ago

in that part of the world and even in africa there is more importance put on their nasty ass sons , and the daughters and women are treated like shit. especially india has a bad fucked up problem with this, whereas a sick mf like this one will be let off , he and his buddies, and the girl if she survives made to feel guilty. And believe it or not , sometimes the girls family will also take the side of the rapist.As I said those are some sick bastards. And their mammies and daddies are worse when it comes to their precious gods/boysworse when

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