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Are You Optimistic About the Future of Black Society?

Gee Lowery
Gee Lowery
17 Aug 2019

Talking about optimism for black people.

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

This is a Coon and we know he's a coon and one day he is going to run into the Goons and be done. Soon Simp Sucka Very Soon. #DontGiveHimTheView #ThumbHimDown #SuperBitchboy #HighYellaGirlyBoys

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BConscience 6 months ago

NO! We've got 2 many niggas from the plantations who choose NOT 2 stay WOKE. What the ADOS NEED 2 DO IS... weed out these useless cum munchers and star pairing up our ADOS children with other ADOS children. Once these coons and bed wenches understand that there's a price 4 generational STOOPIDITEE, they either die off. Or fall in line.

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 6 months ago

Flab? What a hypocrite. Looks like you have some excess flab to lose yourself. Now I see why you talk so much s**t about black people, instead of the other half of your bottom barrel, European family members, because you are one mixed up mutt and too cowardly to talk about your heathen ancestors, because you are scared they'll put your lights out. I tell the truth about my own people and heathens in my videos. We know there is much work to do in the black community. But how about you take those 300 lbs you're sitting on and go tell the pale half of your family, to stop shooting up schools, stop poisoning the food, the water, spreading diseases, lies, fake news, chaos, stealing our land and resources, etc. Huh?

No one gives a flying hoot if YOU are not optimistic, because you are not black. You are bi-racial, cowardly and scrambled brain, so there's nothing real about you. So since you are not optimistic about the betterment of the condition of the black community, why not get back to the pale side of your family and don't worry about black people, because I repeat YOU ARE NOT BLACK. Get back to that team light skin BS you and your few crazy followers are into. Let's get one thing straight, light skinned black people and bi-racials are two different things and all that light skinned dark skinned BS you're pushing, was set up by your racist, thieving, murderous, blood lust white daddy.

Anyone who would let the likes of you, teach their black child is a damned fool. You present yourself like a pig, you eat pig and can't even stop eating long enough to make a 30 min video. God good you are tore up from the floor up yourself, yet you have the nerve to keep talking about black people? Give me an outright freakin' break!

You need to take a long hard look in the mirror, because you are looking and sounding like a complete idiot. What about this; instead of sitting down on all that lard, acting like a pig and running your mouth about a bunch of worthless BS, why not spend that time on a thread mill at somebody's gym!

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