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murdering mfs, every situation calls for a gun.mp4

08 Nov 2019

this is sad all the way around. this 6 yr old called the cops on his mother because she had went insane and had stabbed him 20x or more. fortunately they got there in time to save him from further abuse. But the mother was naked in the apt and became combative, and you guessed 2 mf pigs couldn't hold this woman down and shot her in the head, dead. now you'll hear the cop says she got a gun , and they say it was his, but if you loo closely he holsters his gun b4 he enters the apt . I don't know how this baby is going to live with himself knowing he called the cops and they killed his mom. I don't know of any other police dept in the world that has nothing but punk ass pussy ass murdering mfs that can't settle a damned thing without a mfkn gun.this country has 320 mil people china 1.3 bil india 1.3 bil africa 2.bil counting arabs, yet their police depts combined donot kill or even shoot anywhere near the amt of their citizens this mf country's cops do daily and yrly. so whose country is communist and oppressive with a police state of terror

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