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The Slave Hunters Alibi(3B)

The African Renaissance

The Slave Hunters Alibi(3B)

This is of the concluding part of the Video, The slave Hunters Alibi(3A)
The entire length will also be made available later, first on Patreon and later on Youtube.

This Video series we have been looking at the Alibi of the slave hunters of old. However this part of more of a response to a comment from an Indian, aborigine or Niiji Wannabe considering that the slave masters project of trying to change the Negro identity and denying the slave trade is also an Alibi.
The video simply examined a very long comments from a very ignorant Indian Wannabe and perhaps a so called African American who claims that Dane Calloway is right in his bogus claim that Negroes are aborigines of the United States and how Negroes are Indians as well.

In this video we responded to a comment on our enemies within video.

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For those that have supported us, we say thank you


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