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The Demons Invite A FOOL ASS NIGGER To A Watermelon Eating Contest.

Published on 16 Jun 2019 / In Education

Black Woman vs Watermelon. The Neanderthal Demonic Beasts Invite A SIMPLE MINDED, FOOL ASS BLACK WOMAN To Their Cookout.. Then During "Fun And Games Time? The Demonic Beasts Plotted To Have A Watermelon Eating Contest.. In This Video, You'll See The Demons "Black Friend" "Win" The Contest. And? The Fool Was So Proud Of Herself.. So, So, Sad.. Some Of Our People Go Out Of Their Way To Be The Demons Little Nigger Pet.. Wow...

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Magenta 1 year ago

Nothing new. Black people have always been used for their amusement. That's why black people are acceptable in entertainment today. Let's see them celebrate black academics with the same enthusiasm.

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MemphisHomegirl 1 year ago

No dignity. At all. Smh.

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1 year ago

WHAT in the flying fig of a FUCK!!!!!

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