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Paula White Dedicates the White House as Holy Ground Sanctified by The Superior Blood of Jesus.mp4

12 Sep 2019

I looked at this for a minute , and thought to myself. right now there are thousands of silly ass negroes sitting around or on sunday mornings listening to this shit from a woman that represents nothing but hate and contempt for black people. Now I also want to see and I want other people to pay attention to the portion where she says LBJ with his war on poverty sent a hundred thousand social workers into the black community and found a hundred thousand black pregnant women and gave them welfare, and drove the men out of the house, which that statement in itself holds some truth, What she did slyly and wisely without those few coons sitting with the rest of crackerville, was to re-enforce that notion, and myth that we are the only people and the majority of people in this country on welfare, thereby condemning black people and uplifting the poorest white that sucks welfare who are trumps base into believing that "those" black /us people are the reason for welfare. And one more thing , this white savage was one of the first to say that when obama and his family moved into the white house that those muslims ( which they weren't ) had tainted the white mans magnificent edifice that represents all that is great and holy about amerika. But its funy how all these righteous demons like her and so many others , seem to overlook the fact that that "whitehouse" was built and designed by black mostly slave labor, or the fact that those so called muslims only crime was being black in amerika. yet they have a mf there now that has shown nothing but the true rotteness of what this country actually is

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Ann T Lope
Ann T Lope 2 months ago

Hahahahaha I can't breathe lol. Why is she even reading the bible, demons shouldn't be reading the bible. Come out of her my people, come from among these deceiving lying pink thugs.

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Who TF does this back 2 front wiping cave cunt think she is? #BlindThisWhore

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