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The Normalizing of a Modern Day Lynching

Dru Story News
Dru Story News
28 Sep 2018

The media coverage on this issue, not surprisingly is abysmal to say the least. They are still lying and trying to cover up one of the worst court cases and biased media lynching’s in US history. A crime against humanity was committed and they are trying hide the crime with deflection and spin.

Even if you believe Bill Cosby to be guilty, you still should be able to realize that he was smeared and hunted more ferociously than anyone else, and that the justice system was manipulated and completely bastardized in order to force a conviction for a trial that shouldn’t have been in court in the first place. In America, absolutely no citizen should be ok with this. But unfortunately thinking people of principle are outnumbered by the overly emotional, dumb and easily manipulated by mainstream media controlling minds and carefully framing the narrative the whole way through. Yesterday was truly a historical day for all the wrong reasons. We can agree to disagree on this issue. I respect everyone’s opinion when it’s informed. However, no, this was not a victory for anything or proper application of law. Sorry that is not something that can be compromised. And injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.


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Absolutely correct in your entire analysis; thanks for the upload.

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