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Shane Piche Another Rapist With No Jail Time

Era Cane
Era Cane
07 May 2019

Another white rapist who got off due to white privilege

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1 year ago

We Are In The #UnUnitedStatesOfRacist & #DoubleStandard Fuckery.

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commonman80 1 year ago

This Is All About Trying To Sustain A White Majority In America If You Ask Me.. This Was LEGAL CODE Sent From The Bench.. Meaning? They Know He's NOT GAY. And? Will More Than Likely Hook Up With A White Neanderthal Becky Somewhere Down The Line And Produce Offspring.

In That Case? They Will Have Offspring That Are White/Neanderthals.. Which Will Help To Keep The Numbers Of Neanderthals High In The Overall American Population.. As Apposed To? NON-GAY Black Men Who Are Able To Produce BLACK AMERICAN CHILDREN WITH EVERY SECT OR AMERICAN SOCIETY..

So Given The Opportunity? Their Racist Agenda Dictates THEY MUST GET THESE YOUNG, NON-GAY BLACK MALES OUT OF SOCIETY.. Be It By Prison? Or Death.. That's Why An Educated NON-GAY Black Man JUST BEING ACCUSED OF RAPE? But NOT Actually Raping A Female Of Any "Race"?

Will Be MORE LIKELY TO GET A LONG PRISON SENTENCE, Than A Stupid, Non-Gay White Trash Neanderthal Demonic Beast Male. Who Will In Most Cases Get Probation. Or? A Very Short Prison Sentence.. I Keep Telling My People.. WE ARE IN A REAL LIFE GAME OF CHESS.. NOT CHECKERS.. That's Why It's A MUST That We WAKE THE FUCK UP!! PLEASE!!!

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