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90yo grandma takes on armed US police

Shocking Vibe
Shocking Vibe
22 May 2020

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Tye Anders, 21, was followed by police to his grandmother’s house after driving past a stop sign in Midland, Texas.

In this dramatic eye-witness video, police are seen pointing weapons at Anders as he lies face-down on the front lawn of his grandmother’s property. As the tension builds, onlookers beg the police to put their guns down, and then the young man’s 90-year-old grandmother approaches in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

Anders’ lawyer posted the footage on Instagram, saying the officers ‘assaulted’ the woman, ‘knocking’ her to the ground. Justin Moore believes there was no traffic violation and the arrest was based on racial profiling.

Midland District Attorney Laura Nodolf said in a statement that her office is reviewing all the evidence the police submitted. She said any officer misconduct would be thoroughly investigated.


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terryevans 2 months ago

You mean to tell me it takes a 90 yr old Grandma to go to her grandson who is laying face down on the grass with both hands extended for the cops to finally come to handcuff the grandson. Two of those cops could have already walked to him and handcuffed him while the other cops held him at gun point. Oh I see they want to play with black folks lives and they don't trust their fellow officers that they might shoot them if they go to hand cuff him . They knew that black man was scared, terrified of them but yet they still had their guns on him just looking for any excuse to shoot him . They all need to lose their jobs . What is all the talking for, saying we just want to talk and you got about six cops with their guns pointed at him.

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