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Sabrina Taylor
Sabrina Taylor 27 Jan 2018
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Turner Diaries and 2 Black Judges Killed Chicago and New York.
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Black Made That (Official Music Video) by Griot B


Black made inventions and innovations are everywhere. This video brings many of those to the forefront.
Stream / Buy Griot B's Album, ‘Ourstory’ Now!

For performance and presentation bookings, contact

For video production, or STEAM the Streets school assembly bookings, contact

This video can be used by educators everywhere, showing young people that they CAN BE NEXT. The next inventors, designers, engineers..the paths are endless. This video was filmed in collaboration with students from 4 schools in Richmond, California & New Bedford, Massachusetts including Carney Academy, De Anza High School, Richmond Technology Academy, and Aspire Cal Prep Academy.
"Black Made That" is off the First Ever Black History Album, ‘Ourstory’, in partnership with the #STEAMtheStreets movement and Yes We Code.
Video produced by Big Picture Anthems and directed by Ben Gilbarg.

More from Griot B:

More from Big Picture Anthems:

The video includes inventions and innovations by the following people: Madame C.J. Walker, Mark Hannah, Lewis Latimer, Sarah Boone, Thomas Jennings, George Washington Carver, Garrett Morgan, Otis Boykin, Charles Brooks, John Burr, Phillip B. Downing, Jesse Russell, Marian Croak, Marie Van Brittan Brown, Edmond Berger, Fred Jones, George Crum, Dr. Patricia Bath, Mark Dean, Lonnie Johnson, John Lee Love, Shonda Rhimes, Robert Flemming Jr., Isaac R. Johnson, Elijah McCoy, Benjamin Banneker, Granville T. Woods, and more.

Love and respect to everyone who has been involved in this journey.
Dance choreography & performance by Junnyahh Rodriguez, motion graphics by Ethan Gallo. Lead actor: Kairee J. King.
Key grip: Kyrell Kouta. Production Assistants: Ryan Duncan, Stephen Silva & Elario Burgo.

Lyric transcript (partial):

Thomas Edison made the light bulb, cool.
But Lewis Lattimer made that light improve!
If you ever feel you can’t shine in class,
Look up at the light, Black made that!

Cars use a spark plug to start
You need an X-Ray to see broken arms
How you think food travels across those states?
Fridges in trucks keep all that safe.
You use a sharpener when your pencil breaks.
You keep your valuables in a fire safe.
With a super soaker you can be a water gun shooter
1gig processer chip in my computer
Every time you X Box or PS4,
Know Jerry Lawson made the first console
When you go see a 3D movie
Say Hannah and Dunkley brought this to me
That’s spark plug, x ray. Mobile fridge
Pencil sharpener, processor 1 gig
Fire safe, super soaker, 3D glasses
3D movie, first console that’s it

Empire’s on Who’s watching it , Mamma
Ghost or Tommy either way its drama
When Liv’s lips quiver Fitz is a gonner
How I know all of this? Its cuz Shonda (2)

Black made that! All that! X3
Black Made That! All that! All That!

Washington DC is nice,
And the President’s House is white
Every time you look at that
Know those who build it were Black. Facts

Its black made. This, this, this black made
When you look in the mirror, smile ‘cus its true
You’re astonishing, and Black made you!

Black Made That. Geometry!
Black Made That. Astronomy!
Black Made That. Philosophy!
Black Made That. Hold up Wait.
Griot B, Philosophy? Greeks made that!
No Philosophy’s from Egypt, we made that!
Art, medicine, and even math
All started in Africa, we take that.
We invented many things but our patent was taken.s
Or bought for a fraction of what it would be making.
Our culture can be seen in most things in this nation.
Let me teach you about app-ropriation.
Seen on us it’s ugly, and on others it is praised
Like: “Corn Rolls are thuggish, but I love those Boxer Braids”
They’re the same thing just a different skin and different name
It’s taken straight from us, and the thief gets the fame.

Rock and roll music to most is great.
But Chuck Berry taught Elvis how to shake!
Use our dance moves and all our slang.
Just know we influenced in ALL THESE WAYS!

Black made that! All that! X3
Black Made That! All that! All That!

Where my Patent At? Black Made That! X3
Where my patent at! You know Black Made That!

#BlackMadeThat #BlackInventorsMatter #OurStory #BlackHistory

© 2018 School Yard Rap & Big Picture Anthems

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

#BigUps from #TheMotorCity my sista!!!

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Sabrina Taylor
Sabrina Taylor 2 years ago

Ok so keep the replies coming on this! I need the inspiration !

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Mrgoode 2 years ago

Different races can't stand black people but they use the items we made everyday

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Sabrina Taylor
Sabrina Taylor 2 years ago is my page on BJ I'll add you king!!!

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Mrgoode 2 years ago

@Sabrina Taylor: Hey Yes I'm going to sign up Peace Love Queen

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BLacK_MaGiK 2 years ago

Wow! great video, we're the greatest race on Earth hands up and down!

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Turner Diaries and 2 Black Judges Killed Chicago and New York.
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