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Really?: Boycotting "Black Panther" Over Michael B. Jordan's Love Life?

Nicole's View
Nicole's View - 2812 Views
Published on 03 Jan 2018 / In Entertainment

My commentary about some "supposed" black women on Twitter being upset about Michael B. Jordan not dating a black woman and boycotting the movie "Black Panther" because of it. I explain why it's silly to think like this and we should continue to focus on black love that is thriving regardless of popular opinion.


Intro/Outro By: DJ Quads"Good Vibes"

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Magenta 25 days ago

Black Americans are nothing if not consistently hypocritical. What's good for the goose is certainly not good for the gander in their opinion.

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MordecaiIsrael9191 3 months ago

Wait. Latinas and blacks come from the same lineage. They are both Israelites. The only difference between blacks and hispanics is a damn boat stop and a flag.

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blackme 4 months ago

hes a fine looking brother, who like many has been bewitched by the whore of babylon.there is no salvation for those who go against the teachings of our father and lays up with the devil. its a damn shame but he made his choice.he has damned his soul.

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Jaygo 5 months ago

Who is it that is starting this Boycott of Black movies because of the Love Life of actors and producers??? This is not only common, it is a routine.

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Pax Jiidaika
Pax Jiidaika 5 months ago

Michael isn't the star of the film, and if I bought 'Birth Of A Nation', made by Nate Parker, who is married to a white woman, because it is movie that the Black youth today needed to see, for various reasons, then I can watch Black Panther.

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