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Gullah/Geechee Nation: BIG DISRESPECT from United Nations, Jamaica & African Union

24 Sep 2018

The Gullah Geechee Nation, Indigenously Elected Black Nationalists who have survived in the United States are utterly DISRESPECTED by so called African Union, colonized Africa border bureaucrats and "civil societies". The African Union is a hypocritical conglomerate of Arab and European colonial entities and border systems. They are unlikely to incapable of giving power to indigenous traditional leaders, principles and protocol. They would be disempowering themselves.
Ancient Kemet was a Black Indigenous tribal confederation sharing resources and indigenous political methods. To recreate the greatness of Kemet and Kush and all other great Black societies, Black African Indigenous societies need to replace these "African Unions" and country leaders elect our own indigenous leaders and build our own Black African Union where we call the shots and confederate based on Black African protocol, security and redemption. Is there a War on the Horizon?
#GATSIC (Global African Tribal Sovereignty and Interdependent Confederation) #GlobalAfricanTribes

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Blax_Reloaded 2 years ago

Yep this is little known information. Gullah people is more than just some islands. All black people from southern NC to Columbia,SC to Augusta, all the way to Florida. Basically "ALL" black folk in the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida. And beyond because we spread over the years. We decedents of africa! Sellout moors trying to hide the truth of what they did in the slave trade. The problem with Gullah today is it's being lead by a woman. Queen Quet is too soft and loving. And trusting. She can't help it , she's a nice lady. We definitely need a different approach.

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SouConVo 2 years ago

A Danny shame. I do believe this is not the first time these agencies have denied assistance. I think the AU did the same with Black Americns back in the day and with Haiti recently with the earthquake. It's time to organize.

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