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Armed Black Men Protects Black Woman Against Racist Confederates

Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal
02 Jul 2020

#blacklivesmatter #Louisiana #confederates
A hearing to determine the future of the Confederate monument outside the Caddo Parish Louisiana courthouse ended without a ruling.
Meantime, outside court in front of that monument, there was a gathering of at least two groups of protesters -- both of them against the monument.
Most of the demonstrators stood peacefully in front of the monument itself.

But another smaller group, armed with assault rifles, also stood in the mix, defending the peaceful protesters from what they called the Confederates.
The leader of the armed men, Nicky Daniels, says their group is called Sleep Is For The Rich Gun Club.

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Magenta 1 month ago

Don't call people that hate you 'bro.' They have no empathy. Stop seeking their acceptance. The less said, the better. You are not telling them anything they don't know.

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Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal 1 month ago

Out of all he said in that video... you got out of it that he's seeking acceptance from haters?

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Magenta 29 days ago

@Wise Phenomenal: You need to listen again.

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