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UK ???????? Black Women Talk about Black men ???????? and racial preferences ????????????


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Magenta 9 months ago

Leaving black women out of it, black men have no racial pride. They run out onto the football pitch week in, week out and they hear all the monkey chants and race slurs, yet they say and do nothing. The black players are powerful, they could walk, but they suck it up because the most important thing is to not piss off white people, and to have a white woman who will eventually leave them, restrict their access to their children and take as much of their money as possible. They are scouted by the football clubs at an early age and they are indoctrinated into whiteness (willingly.)

Still, they are no different from the black men on the street who think and act exactly as they do. The percentage of black men inter racially dating is unnatural, it's not about love, but a perceived status. If that is pointed out they say that you are jealous, bitter, racist, yada, yada, yada... I celebrate their 'inter racial unions' because the quicker they breed themselves out, the better. They are detrimental to nature.

Aside, the black women complain about white women, while paying homage with their imitation hair. The most vociferous has the blondest, brassiest wig, but they complain about the men. Hmmm.....

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